23 Commits (465f04a47e92c0ada8efaf8c7e22045c59ac07e7)

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  Jens Pitkänen 465f04a47e Clean up old info 2 years ago
  revolverpunk 628641e1c3 Added sounds. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 3c4601631b Added a fill-all-food button and made cat & food counts vary. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 5197d0c9ba Updated README. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 88817b17c8 Added cruelty. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 7c9fb4269a Removed stats window, tweaked food spawning, added a spin to ascension. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk fe5e1bdc30 Fixed an eating AI bug & made the kittens fly into the sky when dead. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk d8a8b2190a Added more food cups & fixed a bug when using multiple food cups. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 91dfb2f9ac Added spawning functionality. Lots of cats. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 8a92041d78 Added controls for crouching and filling food cups. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 5167920d4e Added cat mortality. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 31eab6946c Added cat sitting & more AI work. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 2dd5574458 Remaking models to be less humongous. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 285c2e7092 Debugging info & a more appropriate timeout. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 4ac1cadf33 Added food and hunger. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 943dbe9c20 Food models, updated floor, reorganizing. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 6a1bd33b67 Made the cat modular. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk e435ba5f0d Added a loading message. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk ccb33a2e59 Made the cats run around. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 1a2cf5f26e Un-LFS'd the repo. GitHub Pages doesn't do LFS, sadly. :< 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 0bf89d82b6 Modified the palette, added a cat and LFS'd the repo. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 82cca62887 Added walls and a ceiling. 4 years ago
  revolverpunk 986c652744 Initial commit. 4 years ago