You're in a cult! Let the aimless adventure begin. A Ludum Dare 43 game.
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Cult Under Construction

Cult Under Construction is an entry to Ludum Dare 43, and the name was inspired by the fact that I did not have any good ideas for games. So I just made an fps that's mechanically sound, and thoughtstreamed the content, straight from my brain. This led into some plans which did not get finished, hence “under construction.”

It’s a first-person adventure game with no real aim, so don’t worry about “finishing” the game. You can close it out by pressing escape.


  • Left-click to grab an item, throw it away, and open doors
  • Right-click to put an item in your inventory
  • I to invert the mouse on the Y-axis. (Pardon the lack of a proper menu, I just forgot until it was too late.)
  • Esc to close the game.



The game is distributed under the MIT license.