A classic roguelike set in a classic roguelike setting. https://nc.itch.io/dragons-dungeon
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Here you'll find an entry to the 2020 7DRL game jam.

Build instructions

Main points to be aware of when building this game:

  • The game interacts with the OS via libc and SDL2. Everything else is written in Rust, and therefore statically linked.

  • Because of how Rust does things, libc will be dynamically linked. Might look into making this musl compatible in the future.

  • SDL2 can be linked either way, but I'm going dynamic by default, since sdl is almost a standard, and can usually be found via a package manager.

Dynamically linked

Dynamic linking is the default, as many Linux distributions ship SDL2 in their main repositories, and it's easy to bundle SDL2.dll with the Windows builds. Ensure you have the relevant SDL2 development libraries installed, and then simply:

cargo build --release

Windows note

The DLLs and .libs are bundled in the lib/windows directory. The appropriate DLL will be copied into target/release when building.

Statically linked

If you want to build SDL2 inside your executable, to avoid having to mess about with dependencies or such, enable the static-link feature, and build:

cargo build --release --features static-link

Note that this method requires cmake to be installed, as it is used when building SDL2. See the rust-sdl2 repository for more information.


This game is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPLv3 license.