A hardware-accelerated 2D sprite renderer. https://crates.io/crates/fae
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Fae is a hardware-accelerated 2D sprite renderer, with optional text rendering capabilities.

The rendering is implemented with OpenGL 2.1/3.3 depending on your hardware. Font rasterization uses rusttype for ttfs, and font8x8 can be used as a small fallback font.

Why you shouldn't use this crate: I haven't profiled this crate against other similar crates, nor do I have the experience to know if this crate is a good implementation of a 2D renderer. I'm making it to power my own games, because of NIH.


See the examples/ as well.

Optional features

  • The text feature provides access to the text rendering API, but requires font8x8 or ttf to be enabled as well.
    • The font8x8 feature provides access to text rendering with the font8x8 font.
    • The ttf feature provides access to text rendering with ttf fonts via the rusttype crate.
  • The png feature provides easy png loading functionality via the png crate.


This library is provided under the terms of the MIT license.