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Make More Money!


Make More Money! is a game about investing* and becoming rich. Invest in X corporation, jump off the Y bandwagon before it crashes, keep an eye on the Z stock! You'll also have the option to keep an eye on your reputation. Investing in a human trafficking company is not hip with the kids, who knew!

* Note: I don't actually know anything about stocks or markets or money, this is just my guess about how a market could work. No realistic market simulation to be found here!

Things made by other people that are used in this game


This game (everything in this repository, excluding the /fonts/ and /lib/ directories.) is available under the CC0 license, so feel free to do whatever you want with this game. For more information, see COPYING.txt or the Creative Commons page on CC0. And, of course, the libraries and other things made by other people (/fonts/ and /lib/) are still licensed under their respective licenses.

Note: Even though you can use everything (except /fonts/ and /lib/) here as you please, I'd be interested to see what you're doing with this project. So if you'd like, please send me a link to your project to <3