My server catalogue
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Servers I host

This is a catalog of my servers and what’s running on them, so I don’t forget.

Eevee - Raspberry Pi 2B

The “router” pi, mostly just running caddy.


  • caddy (proxying, serving the following from git)
    • (big files from sylveon)
    • eevee,sylveon, (proxy for sylveon & leafeon)
  • netdata (, for monitoring)

Sylveon - Raspberry Pi 3B+

The “storage” pi, mostly just serving big files with caddy.


  • funkwhale (
  • caddy (serving big files and the status page,
  • netdata (for monitoring,

Leafeon - Raspberry Pi 3B+

The “jack of all trades” pi, running all kinds of light loads.


  • metadata-manager (
  • miniflux2 (
  • gitea (
  • roguesque (for roguesque leaderboards)
  • postgresql (for gitea and miniflux2)
  • dovecot (for email,
  • postfix (for email,
  • opendkim (for email)
  • spamassassin (for email)
  • caddy (status page,
  • netdata (

Flareon - Raspberry Pi 3B+

The currently unused pi.


  • caddy (
  • netdata (