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This is a catalog of my servers and what's running on them, so I don't
Currently the architecture is very ad-hoc: the server software is
installed via AUR and run via systemd units. The plan is to wrap
everything up into Docker containers, and then possibly make the whole
thing into a Kubernetes cluster.
## Eevee - Raspberry Pi 2B
The "router" pi, mostly just running caddy. Note: also hosts the
gravestone of moe.neon.moe, an old Mastodon instance, and it's
relatively important to keep hosting it (to return 410 instead of not
The "router" pi, mostly just running caddy.
### Services
- caddy (proxy for every other pi + serving the following from git)
- all the status pages in this doc
- neon.moe
- moe.neon.moe
- blog.neon.moe
- cv.pitkanen.dev
- netdata (monitor.eevee.neon.moe)
- caddy
- static pages in /var/lib/caddy/
- blog.neon.moe (static page, files hosted here)
- cv.pitkanen.dev (static page, files hosted here)
- goaccess.neon.moe (static page, files hosted here)
- moe.neon.moe (static page, files hosted here)
- reclaimani.me (static page, files hosted here)
- neon.moe (static page, files hosted here)
- proxies
- activity.neon.moe (proxied to sylveon)
- archive.neon.moe (proxied to sylveon)
- fedi.neon.moe (proxied to flareon)
- git.neon.moe (proxied to leafeon)
- miniflux.functional.technology (proxied to leafeon)
## Sylveon - Raspberry Pi 3B+
The "storage" pi, mostly just serving big files with caddy.
Has an external hard drive, keeps local backups.
The "storage" pi, mostly just serving big files with caddy. This is
the only Pi connected to an external hard-drive.
### Services
- caddy (serving big files and the status page, sylveon.neon.moe)
- netdata (monitor.sylveon.neon.moe)
- backups for:
- backup system creation in progress
- activity-graph (activity.neon.moe)
- caddy (archive.neon.moe)
## Leafeon - Raspberry Pi 3B+
The "jack of all trades" pi, running all kinds of light loads.
@ -35,19 +42,10 @@ The "jack of all trades" pi, running all kinds of light loads.
- gitea (git.neon.moe)
- roguesque (for roguesque leaderboards)
- postgresql (for gitea and miniflux2)
<!-- Email -->
- dovecot (for email, mail.neon.moe)
- postfix (for email, mail.neon.moe)
- opendkim (for email)
- spamassassin (for email)
<!-- /Email -->
- caddy (status page, leafeon.neon.moe)
- netdata (monitor.leafeon.neon.moe)
## Flareon - Raspberry Pi 3B+
The "social media" pi.
The "social media" pi. I've hosted irc, xmpp and matrix here at
various times, or tried to, but currently it's just Pleroma.
### Services
- pleroma (fedi.neon.moe)
- caddy (status page, flareon.neon.moe)
- netdata (monitor.flareon.neon.moe)