Jens Pitkänen neon
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Explore floating-point errors and metro tunnels in one trip.

Updated 2 years ago

The source assets for the metal-miner repository. Needed only for dev.

Updated 5 months ago

Entry to Ludum Dare 48. Yes, as in the 48th one, not LD48.

Updated 5 months ago

Tool for writing down metadata, and a project for trying out Go

Updated 2 weeks ago

TypeScript 0 0

Updated 2 years ago

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My ~/.config/i3 directory.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Heroic Aerial Defense is a side-scrolling shmup. It's visually very simple, as the resolution is 64x64. This was supposed to be an entry to the #LOWREZJAM 2016 game jam.

Updated 3 years ago

Trading card game first person shooter, a Ludum Dare #41 entry

Updated 3 years ago

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Generates some words that might inspire weird games

Updated 3 years ago

Java 0 0

Updated 3 years ago

A crate for drawing text with SDL2 using fontdue for rasterization.

Updated 7 months ago

Python 0 0

A small flappy bird clone I made in an evening. Pygame is pretty cool!

Updated 2 years ago

TypeScript 0 0

Updated 3 years ago

Rust 0 0

A hardware-accelerated 2D sprite renderer.

Updated 1 year ago

Traditional roguelike set in a sci-fi setting, made for 7DRLx17.

Updated 6 months ago