A crate for drawing text with SDL2 using fontdue for rasterization.

Updated 4 hours ago

A short Rust program that packs book textures for a specific set of book UVs.

Updated 1 week ago

Simple, minimal-dependency HTTP client.

Updated 3 weeks ago

The repository for my personal CV/hub site, neon.moe.

Updated 3 months ago

A (work-in-progress) Gemini client written in C with SDL2 and the stb libraries, for Linux and MS Windows.

Updated 3 months ago

neon / blog
JavaScript 0 0

My tech blog

Updated 3 months ago

neon / .emacs.d
Emacs Lisp 0 0

Just my emacs configuration, for convenience purposes. It's all copypasted from somewhere and probably breaks itself multiple times.

Updated 5 months ago

neon / fae
Rust 0 0

A hardware-accelerated 2D sprite renderer.

Updated 6 months ago

My server catalogue

Updated 7 months ago

Tool for writing down metadata, and a project for trying out Go

Updated 10 months ago

Archive of every game I've released (except the ones lost to time when this was created in 2018)

Updated 11 months ago

A classic roguelike set in a classic roguelike setting.

Updated 11 months ago

neon / flappy
Python 0 0

A small flappy bird clone I made in an evening. Pygame is pretty cool!

Updated 1 year ago

Some shell scripts to build a raylib game.

Updated 1 year ago

Explore floating-point errors and metro tunnels in one trip.

Updated 1 year ago

neon / cryofailure
Unity3D Asset 0 0

Updated 1 year ago

A VR world painting experience inspired by the short film Shelter.

Updated 1 year ago

neon / sandcastles
Unity3D Asset 0 0

Sandcastle simulation/generation toy, implemented in Unity ECS.

Updated 1 year ago

A gravestone for my old Mastodon instance.

Updated 1 year ago

Neon Fishing is a first person fisher game, set in a neon sci-fi ocean scenery.

Updated 1 year ago